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Romanian Skin Cancer Foundation took the mission of fighting skin cancer, while actively participating in and supporting the reform of the medical care system in Romania.

Our organization aims to help people to obtain the information, guidance and specialized care necessary for their health; to help physicians and other health care providers to acquire the necessary knowledge for the efficient diagnosis, treatment and prevention of skin cancers; to support the individuals and the organizations that aim for an efficient and equitable health system that respects the dignity of patients and physicians.

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The Foundation bank details are:

Fundatia Romana contra Cancerului de Piele
Cod de identificare fiscala (CIF): 22877172
Cont IBAN: RO44RNCB0078099981030001
Banca: BCR, Sucursala Stefan cel Mare 60, sector 2, Bucuresti

Send us your contact details at the e-mail address, so we can keep you informed on the progression of the programs that you contributed to with your donation.



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Join us and help us carry on our activities. With little of your spare time you can do a lot for people who need better health care and guidance.

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Take action for your right to health. Make sure that your physician, the school of your kids and your employer support your and your family efforts to keep a healthy living , a healthy skin and to prevent diseases including skin’s.

Regular medical check-ups including skin examination, correct information on your medical situation and on the best ways to prevent diseases, sun safety at school or work are your rights. Make sure they are respected.



From this website you learned how to know and protect your skin and how to prevent skin cancer. Pass this good knowledge to the people around you- family, friends or colleagues and neighbours. Advise them what to do for a healthy skin and how to use our website to obtain the information they need. If you need more information for you or your community, contact us at



Tell us your opinion on this website at and let us know your suggestions on how to improve it.

Tell us what other activities of the Foundation you think that would be useful to help people better know their skin, to prevent skin cancer and other skin diseases and to access appropriate medical care.

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