The Skin Cancer Foundation

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Romanian Skin Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2007, devoted to fighting the most frequent cancer in the world: the skin cancer.

The Foundation aims to decrease the incidence, morbidity and mortality of skin cancers and to this goal it develops and carries on programs of public education and specialized medical education in the field of skin cancer and supports the scientific research directed to improve diagnosis, treatment and prevention of skin cancers.

Romanian Skin Cancer Foundation advocates for a health system dedicated to people, that fills their needs of competent medical care, correct information and appropriate counseling for healthy living and diseases prevention, that respects their rights and dignity and promotes the competence, responsibility and dignity of medical professionals.

In order to fulfill its mission, the Foundation aims to take an active part to the process of reform of the health- and medical education systems in Romania.



Romanian Skin Cancer Foundation was born from the initiative of a group of dermatologists working in academic setting, who completed their training at the most prestigious medical centers in Romania and abroad and accumulated a solid experience in clinical and research dermatology, with focus on skin cancers.

The Foundation benefits form the support of some of the most reputed specialists in various fields of medicine such as dermatology, oncology, plastic surgery a.o,  from major university centers in Romania and abroad, who guide and supervise the scientific content of Foundation’s materials and programs as members of the Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board.

The activities of the Foundation are coordinated with the support of a group of enthusiast young professionals with different backgrounds, such as law, economy, health or social sciences, with international education and solid knowledge of the medical and social systems in Romania, European Union and USA, who are members of the Foundation’s Executive Board

The president

Dr. Ana-Maria Forsea MD, PhD is since 2007 the President of the Romanian Skin Cancer Foundation.

Dr. Ana-Maria Forsea is founding member of the Romanian Skin Cancer Foundation.

She has the PhD titles in the field of Medicine from the Free University of Berlin and Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest.

Dr. Ana-Maria Forsea is currently dermatology specialist, assistant professor of dermatology in the department of Oncologic Dermatology and Allergology, Elias University Hospital Bucharest, Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest.

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To fulfill its mission the Romanian Skin Cancer Foundation carries on various programs and activities:

  • Continual medical education sessions for health professionals focusing on the modern methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of skin cancers, including courses and conferences, workshops and symposia, as well as printed and on-line informative materials.
  • public education and awareness-raising campaigns in regard to skin cancer prevention and early recognition, skin health maintenance and healthy living.
  • support and active participation for the national and international scientific research programs dedicated to improve knowledge on the treatment and prevention of skin cancers.
  • specialized dermatologic care, including diagnosis, treatment and counseling for skin cancer patients.



Romanian Skin Cancer Foundation has since 2008 a strong partner in the Skin cancer Foundation (New York, USA), the largest international non-profit organization exclusively dedicated to fighting skin cancer.

This partnership materializes in various programs of the Romanian Skin Cancer Foundation, including the cooperative elaboration of informative materials, the collaboration in organizing scientific meetings and public information campaigns, as well as the exchange of know-how in the management and development of the non-profit organization activity.